The Kid Mom Write For Us

The Kid Mom Write For Us

The Kid Mom Write For Us Is Now Open To All Bloggers

Hey, you. Welcome to If you’re someone who’s interested to write for parenting, kids, babies, mom, dad, then you’ll love this opportunity. 

We, the team of, are looking for writers who will write engaging contents that will keep the readers’ eyes glued to the scene. If you have an idea that will blow our team away and keep the content relevant, you’re the perfect wordsmith we are looking for.

To confirm that you’re the right candidate for this position, kindly review this post before writing the guest posts.

Remember that our hands are filled with emails and posts daily. Don’t waste your time writing something off-topic. With that being said, let’s dive into the key things you must know before writing.

Who Can Write For Us?

Our niche is “parenting, mom, dad and kids.”

We are looking for bloggers with expertise in this niche. You should submit a pitch on new mom or new born. Affirming your point in the whole post in easy words. 

We will not accept anything plagiarised or posts from competitors. Your goal is to blow us away. 

Why Should You Write For Us? has readers and customers around the world. Our readers trust us for having straight-to-the-point content and answering and helping with their questions.

We have a reputation, and our fresher writer should be able to keep it that way. You will get social media exposure and a very nice paycheck. 

You will be getting lots of traffic on your website in no time. Your work will be recommended by our team.

Topic Suggestions For Guest Posting

Here is a rough idea of topics you can write about for guest posting. Go easy, keep it clean and write about relevant content. If your work is high-quality, it’s our job to offer you a position.

  • Parenting tips
  • New Born tips
  • Parenting write for us
  • Kids write for us
  • New Born, New Mom and Parenting tips
  • Parenting DIY write for us
  • Mom writes for us
  • Dad write for us
  • Gifts for New Born write for us
  • Baby health write for us
  • Write for us Parenting
  • Parenting Guest Post
  • Write for us Baby
  • Write for us Dad
  • Write for us Parenting and kids
  • Write For Us New Born

Our Guest Posting Guidelines

Look at our guidelines and policies for each guest post.

  • Every article must be focused on the selected niche. For example, your topic is “parenting tips write for us.” You should write about that topic only. We don’t accept any fluff or unnecessary writing.
  • The writer will only write something promotional about other things if given instructions. As there is no marketing for guest posts, we expect nothing extra.
  • Each article should be around 800-2000 words. Do not extend the word limit by plagiarism. 
  • Writers should add one or multiple royalty-free pictures. If you don’t have the images, attach the link to the file, and our team will look into it.

Our Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Accepted writing formats:

  1. Google Docs
  2. Ms. Word 

Whichever software you use, make sure they are in doc format. 

Submission: Send your well-written article to You can also contact the page directly from the links provided on our website.

Edits: reserves the full right to edit or remove parts from submitted articles.

Self-Promotion:  We would highly appreciate it if you do some self-promo. As mentioned earlier, we get lots of guest posting emails. So, it becomes hard to contact the selected candidates from just an email address. 

Adding your social media handles is accepted too.

Lastly, please note: Think of it as writing for your own site. Indeed, you won’t put anything low-quality or poorly researched content in there.

We won’t accept anything that’s written abysmally.

Our Guest Post Article Submission

Please send us a pitch first before writing. We will sit and discuss with you and then decide if you’re eligible to write for us. 

After that, please submit your article to

Remember that if your articles don’t follow our policies, we can’t publish them. Therefore, it is implausible that you’ll be selected.

Follow our guidelines, don’t add fluff, and your content will be published in no time. Also, note that we will not go into a further discussion by editing and rewriting after rejection.

With that being said, best of luck. And happy writing.